Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sephira and the Pillow Chum

Sephira loves throwing herself on pillows on the floor, and a friend just received a Giraffe Pillow Chum as a birthday gift during our baby group birthday party on Sunday. All ten of our babies are now officially one year old, so we had a group celebration - and costume party!

Well...Sephira monopolized the Pillow Chum! It was hilarious!!! Just two days prior we had been talking about getting her a bean bag or something to enjoy like this, and when we saw how much she loved this we knew this is what she really needed. Besides, we have a little giraffe theme going on in her bedroom, so the giraffe is most fitting.

We went straight out to our local Costco warehouse where our friend had purchased this, but unfortunately they were sold out. Costco.com only offered the "lion" and was sold out of all the other animal creatures, and when I tried to buy one on eBay Sunday night the seller (who had 6 listed for sale) was sold out! Target offered a variation, but it was more expensive and just not the same, and I couldn't find these ANYWHERE else online! So, in an act of desperation and enlightenment I called the Costco off of Barnes Road and N Powers in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Granted we live in Eugene, Oregon, but with family living in Colorado Springs we thought, 'other Costco's are bound to have these still in stock, and if they have one there our family can buy it for us and ship it to us!'. Well, to our luck they had 92 of the pillows still in stock...though they couldn't tell how many of the "giraffe" remained. Step 1 was a lucky guess! Step 2, I sent the email off to family stating the request.

Yesterday afternoon I got the call from my father-in-law, Eric, stating that he was standing in front of what looked like a spotted hippo, and I said, "That's the one!". How exciting, for all of us! Dirk was thrilled that I was so resourceful, and Sephira is going to be tickled to have it to play on...considering we won't be able to wait for Christmas to give it to her! That night Dirk laid out pillows for her to play on again and we know, without a doubt, she's just going to love having her new Giraffe!

Thank you, Granpa Eric!!!!

Here's video from the party of Sephira playing on her friend Avery's pillow. Enjoy!