Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Expecting "Newest"

That's right! We're pregnant with the newest addition to our growing family!!! Baby number two! As many of you may recall, our nickname for Sephira (in utero) was "Littlest" - since she was the littlest Siverts. Now we can endearing call this baby "Newest"! 

We only found out on May 1st through a home pregnancy test, and our ultrasound on May 11th confirmed how far along we were...since we didn't know! The ultrasound verified that we were, then, 8 weeks and 3 days along. Wow! By the time of the appointment we were starting to suspect that we might be farther along that originally thought...since Effie's tummy was getting firm and "popping" out. The only shock was realizing that we were going to be having Newest THIS YEAR...not next!  Just seven months to prepare and ween Sephira! (One of the biggest reasons why Effie couldn't detect that she was already pregnant.) But what a wonderful Christmas present for our entire family!

Join us in celebrating the expectation of Newest to our family!

Our Announcement!

Meet Newest!
Beating heart, arm and leg nubs and all!