Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Little Thrill Seeker

Sephira loves activity that gives her a "rush". Swing, by her arms or legs, and in conventional playground swing equipment...and recently discovered is her radio flyer wagon! We've been able to instill good safety habits by having her wear her bike helmet anytime she wants to go for a joyride. Now she'll try to put it on herself without any complaints!!!

She's also able to use her Baby Signs to communicate her playtime fun: more, all done, down, etc. We have SO much fun together!!! And with this sport, Mama and Dada get really tired!!!

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Lee Enry Erickson said...

She certainly loves to buckle up and go for the thrills, but she's also a girly-girl that loves her frills. Love that helmet! She's so good about wearing it, too.