Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sephira 3-Months Old!

Boy time flies! Our darling Sephira is already 3 months old!!! She is developing fast - holding her head up strong, trying to sit-up on her own, observing her hands, and tracking with her vision perfectly! She's so big now...over 15.5 pounds...that we've had to move her up to the next notch in her car seat belt, and as you call tell from these photos, she's outgrowing her swing seat pretty fast too!

She's also starting to sleep through the night better - starting off in 4-7 hour cycles, and as of last night, she slept 8.5 hours straight! We hope this is a new trend!

She also loves books and lights, so we're excited to take her on walks to see the Christmas lights. AND at 12.5 weeks she discovered her voice again!!! Now she talks all day (off and on), from morning to night, imitating our sounds and creating some of her own, and she talks to us to let us know when she's sleepy too. She is just a gem!