Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in Colorado!

We visited Dirk's side of the family for Christmas in Colorado!

Our flight out was Sephira's first, and she did GREAT - especially considering we had to sit on the tarmac for 4 hours in Salt Lake City. We had trafficked around the tarmac so long, hoping to fly out between breaks in the heavy snow fall, that we had to return to the gate to refuel. Then we had to get in queue to de-ice, again, and then because of all the delays the flight crew had to change out since they needed to keep flight schedules on track...ah-huh. And the whole time we were only offered peanuts and VERY small beverages. Fortunately, because of that, we didn't have to pee in the tiny bathrooms very much. We got to Colorado Springs 4 hours late, hungry, and tired of sitting. But it was sooooo good to see the family and to be welcomed home with a hot plate of spaghetti and meatballs! Yumm Yumm!

The storm from SLC ended up following us here, so Saturday night we got a little bit of snow that Dirk helped shovel the next morning....but ultimately it didn't stick around. We had reports of major snow storms back home, and had crisp beautiful clear skies in Colorado the rest of the trip. No white Christmas for us! The temperature Sunday night was down to -2 degrees, and highs during the day were in the 20's.

We saw most of Dirk's family, including his Mom flying in from Virginia, during our visit. That was a very special treat! We celebrated with the ENTIRE Smith family at a Christmas Eve dinner celebration at Cousin Aron's house in Denver, and most everyone traveled down to Colorado Springs for our Christmas day celebrations there.

Dirk shoveling snow

The outside temp! Brrrrrr....

The view of Pikes Peak out the back window (telephoto lens of course)

Sephira, the reindeer and the fireplace. Nice and cozy!

Cousins Elizabeth and Nicolas meeting Sephira for the first time!

Granma Gerri, Cousins Elizabeth and Nicolas, and Sephira squished in the middle!

Dada cooing with Sephira

Aunt Catherine reading to the kids

Nicolas and Sephira

Sephira's sleeping arrangments: a drawer on the side table

As snug as a baby in a cradle!

Grandmama Barbara visiting from Virginia, loving on Cousin Alex and Sephira

Aunt Effie reading "The Hungry Thing" to Elizabeth and Nicolas

Sephira hearing "The Hungry Thing" for the first time

The cousins: Alex, Sephira, Elizabeth, Daniel, Nicolas

Grandmama Barbara and Sephira all dressed up for the festivities

Sephira all dolled up in her Christmas dress...that just happens to match her eyes!

Effie, Dirk & Sephira posing in front of the beautiful Christmas tree

Sephira's first ornament