Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Resting Up and Going Home

We spent Monday night in the Mother and Baby unit at RiverBend. The suites there allowed us to have a fairly comfortable stay, and the nurses only checked in on us a few times during the night, so the sleep we were able to get was fairly restful. Sephira took to nursing right away and nursed frequently throughout the night.

In the morning Dr. Stenshoel checked in on us and again complimented Effie on such a stellar delivery. She gave the okay for us to be released that morning, however Dr. Hokari, Sephira's pediatrician, requested that we stay until 6pm to give Sephira 24 hours in the hospital after delivery to make sure all her checkups and monitoring was completed.

Our friends Tamara, Jennifer and Josh stopped by to see us and love on Sephira, along with Effie's parents Cliff (Grandpa) and Cris (Nana/GamaKiss).

Over the course of the day Sephira had her hearing and Jaundice tests - both of which she passed. She also had to endure getting pricked in the heel for her blood test.

Later in the day she had her picture taken for the hospital website baby album, and we filed papers for her birth certificate and social security papers.

By 6pm we were served our final hospital meal and were discharged to go home. Sephira loved the car seat instantly and "slept like a baby" the whole way home, where she was welcomed with suspicion by her cats Tommy and Yoko.