Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our First Family Outing

At just a week and a half old, we drove Sephira up the McKenzie Highway to Belknap Hot Springs to enjoy a lovely picnic in the gardens with Grandpa and Grandma Siverts...

...Sephira would have to say that not every rose smells so sweet!

Then up the highway a bit further to Sahalie Falls for a short hike along the river...

Dirk and Grandpa Eric carried Sephira in her stroller up and down the stairs...fortunately she's still "light"!

Sephira slept like an angel both legs of the trip! She loves her car seat, and fortunately doesn't even have to be in the car to fall asleep in it!!! She's so awesome.

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Heidi said...

Nice series of pictures of you all as a new little family. It is truly beautiful up the McKenzie - especially leading into the fall. Hope all is well in babyland.