Monday, August 23, 2010

What's in a name? A lot of history, that's for sure!

For our dear baby boy, "Newest", due this coming December we have decided upon the name "Leif Kohl Ericson Siverts". Timeless, classic, and unique. And it holds a significant amount of family tradition and history in it as well.

Leif (pronounced Lay-f) is a Scandinavian family name on both sides, meaning "heir; loved" - and both meaning's could not be more fitting!

So here is the history of the name, starting with Effie's family:
Effie's great-grandfather, now "Newest's" great-great grandfather, was named Leif Henry Erickson (note the first and last name). Effie's grandmother Marjorie Lee Erickson Yokum (known as Tutu to the family), Leif's daughter, was given the middle name "Lee" in honor of her father. Marjorie's daughter, and Effie's Mother, born Christie Lee Caufman (known as Cris Bisch in married life), also carried on this middle name. Our first child, Sephira Lee Siverts, born in September 2008 was also given this middle name in honor of this tradition, and because it just suited her so well! And most recently Effie's Mother (now commonly known as "Nana") legally changed her name in December 2009 to Lee Enry Erickson, in honor of her grandfather.

On Dirk's side of the family there is rumor that there are ties with "Leif Eriksson (the red)"...however there is no known documentation to prove it.The more recent occurrence of the name appears with Dirk's father, Leif Ericson "Eric" Siverts (note there is no "k" in Ericson like in Effie's family). Dirk, as Eric's first born (and only) son, was born Dirk Ericson Siverts in honor of his father's name.

So Leif Kohl Ericson Siverts is honoring both sides of the family! The "Kohl" coming from Dirk's Mother's maiden-name, Barbara Jean Kohl. And that is our history! Fantastic isn't it!?