Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Einstein is offering refunds?

"The Walt Disney Company is offering refunds for its “Baby Einstein” videos, a tacit admission that they did not increase intellect." more here:
No Einstein in Your Crib? Get a Refund -

Auntie Rebekah & Uncle Wes watching Baby Einstein with the babies!

Here is my opinion based on what I've read to educate myself as a parent, and my own personal experience as a parent:

The biggest issue for educational development in children is parent involvement, so any program whether stated as educational or not, is not going to be educational unless the parent, guardian or teacher is actively involved in helping the child learn what the materials are trying to teach. I have only been showing Sephira the Baby Einstein program 2 or 3 times a week, and I never let her watch it without me. I'm always holding her in my lap and talking with her about what we are seeing and learning. (She'll sign that she sees something and I'll confirm by telling and signing to her what it really is, or I'll teach her new signs, point to body parts, or talk in depth about the scene, objects, people, animals, etc.) The only other videos I show her are home videos of herself and activities she's done to help her, and see if she does, remember the events. If programs are used as a babysitting device I can see how it can cause attention issues because the child has no ability to focus, since they don't understand and can't process what they are seeing without instruction and assistance. At least for now. When they are bigger monitored and limited exposure to TV/computer based programs should still be maintained. There is nothing better than hands on play!

Sephira getting ready to knock down Dada's block tower

Dada helping Sephira learn to draw with crayons

Sephira learning to draw