Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sephira's First Trip to Bend

Nana Cris, Grandpa Cliff, Mommy Effie and Sephira all traveled together to go see family in Bend before the bad weather set in. This was Sephira's first trip over the Santiam Pass, and she slept the whole way!!! She even slept through the family dinner! She was a tired little munch-kin. Here are a few pics from our visit.

Auntie Skye loving on Seph

Nana Cris holding Seph tight

Tutu giving Seph a squeeze!

On top of seeing family we also got to see old childhood friends of Effie and Skye's who were having their only early Thanksgiving get-together in Sunriver. Between Audree and Alesha's family members there were 8 babies all under the age of 3!!! And with Sephira and cousin Max present, that made 10! Then Audree announced she was expecting again, so all in all 11 babies were present! WOW!

L-R: Effie w/ Sephira in sling; Audree Davidson w/ Amanda; Alesha Shemwell; Skye Williams.

And look! There's Seph sleeping!